SNBota is an urban/vertical/small space farming eBotany portal that aims to bring together and teach through annotated images and videos new ways of food farming. The portal is an outlet for a real physical small space farm that hopes to establish physical urban farms around major townships and cities while at the same time acting as the teacher of the science and the art required to live sustainably.

We believe that everybody can grow their own food if shown how. The lessons here will be about telling you and showing you the how. This is SNBota‘s purpose.


Welcome to new age of agriculture . . . .

In the subsequent developments, an app to capable of offline use will be launched so that anyone can access our resources. SNBota is envisioned to transition into a fully high tech farm. The purpose of technology will be to run the diverse aspects of the farm such as micro-environment control, disease and plant health monitoring in addition to a whole host of other factors.

It is also intended that on this portal, people like you will be able to buy and sell things or items strictly related to urban farming. These will include produce, farming inputs such as seeds and farm implements.