Small Space/Urban Farming: The Science & The Art.

Info-graph summary of of the advantages of urban farming and the reason why you must engage in it as long as you happen to have a veranda, a backyard, a wall or even a flat roof depending on your environment.


The advantages of urban farming are so significant and the adoption of the practice will ensure the following:

  • Healthier meals reach in all nutrients that plants can give.
  • It will save you money. Imagine not having to spend on tomatoes, onions, cabbages and other veges whose pricing is so erratic and fluctuates with the seasons. All you will ever buy will be meat products. Surely you can’t grow chicken or beef in a pot.
  • Psychological healing. Gardening has a calming effect and is known to lower stress levels.
  • Plants have the ability to filter the air of pollutants and dust particles. You’ll breath in cleaner.
  • On your first harvest you’ll be the happiest in your neighborhood.
  • Food security. If planned well, your garden will ensure an all year round supply of produce to nourish you and your family. There’s not a reason that one should go hungry.
  • Another reason would be that your efforts end up becoming a source of income. The excess produce can be sold to your neighbors and if significant, to a nearby market.

Now that you know, go get some buckets, polythene bags, sacks, just about anything that can contain humus/organic matter rich soil.

Let’s farm . . . .


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